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Dogs & Cats - Can Your Dog And Cat Ever Become Friends?

Cats and dogs are notoriously famous for being thought of as arch enemies. From cartoons to movies, they are always being depicted as two animals that are always at each other's throats. This makes it easy to assume that they are not meant to get along. However, there is a way for these two seemingly opposite pets to be friends and live under the same roof in peace.

The key to success when building a relationship between a cat and a dog has a lot to do with the individual traits possessed by each animal. It is generally easier to build this relationship by starting off by introducing a young kitten to a dog that is a bit older. Kittens are still a little bit more easy to mold than adult cats and while most cats will not eagerly run up to a dog to make friends, with a little bit of time an adjustment, it can be done

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Expect some hissing and spitting from your kitten

When you bring home a new kitten and you begin initiating contact between your feline friend and your adult dog, you must be present at all times and expect the cat to display some fear by hissing and possibly spitting. This is just the way that cats express their fear as well as make an attempt to scare off a potential enemy. In order to prevent your dog from reacting back towards this behavior, just grab your kitten when you see the hissing reaction taking place and then place her back down again to associate with the dog. It just takes time.



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